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Experience  Télétravail à la Campagne

Get some fresh air !

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, a woman relaxing by the lake © Adobe Stock
Teleworking on a refreshing break in the country
The luxury of teleworking
in the middle of nowhere
Day 1
The dream of setting up your office in the countryside

You’re unhappy in an apartment in Toulouse, Bordeaux... You’ve made THE major decision. A week of teleworking on a refreshing break in the country. Having arrived at Whaka Lodge in the Gers, you discover your Tiny Lake House, with its large terrace overlooking the lake. The Whaka Lodge team, with every attention to detail, has prepared the “Teleworking break in the country kit”: an office, a printer, free Wi-Fi, and of course the coffee machine and the kettle!

camping-gers-lake-tiny oiseaux-lac-gascogne
Feeling guilty or guilt-free

So then, how was this first day teleworking on a refreshing break in the country? Successful! A strange feeling of serenity regained, work efficiency and all the same an exhilarating sense of guilt, when you think of colleagues still shut up in the town or city, within four walls. It is not always great to stay in Toulouse, Agen or Pau.

Day 2
An instant boost for the neurons!

Awoken to the dawn on Whaka Lodge, a 4-star campsite in the Gers, boosted by the birdsong and the peace of the lake water, you have made your mark. Nowadays, you’re at your best when teleworking! Your fingers play the keyboard like a frenzied jazz musician, the neurons smoke like a high-speed steam locomotive, everything is fluid and your work advances in great strides. A little dive into the pool, 5 minutes to get dry in the sunshine, and once again you’re off like the hero d’Artagnan!

femme-meditation-whakalodge-lac nage-piscine-femme-whakalodge
Soft landing at the end of the day

After this superb day of teleworking in the country, you should softly touch down, and calm your spirits. You must have a canoeing trip! The swimming lake stretches out its arms to you. And after a few paddle strokes…Let go: fanning your feet, your head rested, you admire the warm colour of the sun setting, which sets aglow the surrounding trees. Ready for a refreshing night.

Day 3
Working with your feet in the sand

It is a week of big firsts. On Whaka Lodge, the team has enabled you to understand that you are at home. The guilty feeling is forgotten! Your work is progressing like never before, so this morning you have decided to work...on the beach by the swimming lake! A wooden box to put things down on, a comfy seat so you can type on the computer, still connected to the Wi-Fi, a beautiful day ahead.

camping-gers-plage-sable plage-sable-pelouse-lac
This evening, you have an online conference meeting with colleagues.

Wednesday is the children’s day. You have decided to visit Whaka Lodge, the out-of-the ordinary campsite in the Gers, by video. Cries of surprise and joy, and protests expressed by the children. “Dad, next time we’ll come with you to swim in the swimming lake! ” “We’ll see.”

Day 4
You’re no longer alone...working on a refreshing break in the country

This morning, a company is coming to meet up for a 2-day out-of-the-ordinary seminar in the middle of nowhere, with employees coming from Bordeaux, Toulouse, Perpignan, Agen, Pau…

Surprise! You know some people. They have booked the Hacienda room for the out-of-the-ordinary seminar, and this evening have a cocktail party on the pontoon by the lake on the waterfront. Wahoo! There are actual seminar organisers in Occitanie, at Whaka Lodge!

seminaire-gers-camping whakalodge-evenement-partage
Stars in their eyes

After a long day of teleworking, you admire this lovely countryside campsite. The superb colours of the sunset, on the Gers countryside, make you dream of holidays. Moreover, soon you have the stars, as you are stretched out on your terrace. Tomorrow the family come and join you.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, sunset
Day 5
A quick swim in the authentic Gers

More than a few corrections on the file. Then you take time to go to the Friday Seissan market, where you find local producers, who are offering all the excellent specialities of the Gers: Foie Gras de Gascogne (Gascony gavage-fattened duck or goose liver), Gers organic wine, Pyrenees cheese, Jambon Noir de Bigorre (cured ham made from purebred Gascon Noir de Bigorre pig pork).

This evening, is the celebration on the Whaka Lodge campsite, with all the family!

marche-gers-village terrasse-whakalodge-evenement
The major reunion

At 5 p.m., the family arrives, and your two children jump for joy, when getting out of the car. You have arranged with the Whaka Lodge team to change accommodation, to spend the weekend in a superb air-conditioned Premium Family Cottage, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Supreme luxury!


Whilst the children have fun in the heated swimming pool, and swim in the lake, your wife, pleased to see you again, murmurs in your ear: “Next time, all four of us leave together. My boss has just suggested I telework as well!!!” “Cool, but we could also leave the children with their granny.”


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