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Safari in the Gers

Out-of-the ordinary weekend
Luxury lodges
for budding adventurers
Day 1
Go to base camp

You hesitated, for a long time, between the “Safari Lodge” and the “Glamping dreamlodge”, for your out-of-the-ordinary weekend as a family in the Gers. In the end, you settled for the fantastic “Adventure Expérience” tent, a genuine promise of adventure and exoticism, which should satisfy the children.

You knew right away that you’d made the right choice, when seeing the kids discovering the holiday hire: “Mum, Dad, there is a tree in the shower, right there in the cabin! ” Moreover on entering the tent, the entire family expressed their delight: “Wahoo, a panther, luxurious bedding, this décor is Out of Africa! ”

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Adventure Experience Lodge, Panther Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Adventure Experience Lodge, shower

The great outdoor adventure can begin. Starting with this plancha evening, prepared in the outdoor kitchen, and your meal on the vast wooden terrace with a view over the lake.

Moreover, for this first out-of-the-ordinary night in the Gers, you will start with a great glass of countryside wine, watching the stars(!), before relaxing in the vintage bath, with a view over the lake. “I say, where are the kids? ” “They’ve decided to play the Mike Horn games. Don’t worry, they’re safe here.”

vacances familles
Day 2
Building your cabin from wood

After the fantastic out-of-the-ordinary night you’ve just had, you should make the most even more, a little, of your luxurious lodge tents. The children are at the “Do It Yourself” workshop, a Whaka Lodge speciality. “11 a.m., I think it’s time to get up love, the kids are here.” “Mum, Dad, we’ve built a cabin out of wood, using branches, over there in the forest! ” “By the way, what are we eating? I’m starving! ”

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, child, a walk in the woods Gers campsite, Whakalodge, children, timber cabins
+ Climbing in the trees

This afternoon gives way to the adventure park in the trees “VERT EN L’AIR”, a treetop adventure park with no less than 80 Tyrolean traverses, including a giant one of 160 metres. This time, you have succeeded in overcoming your vertigo. As for your kids, they are delighted, and eager to go on their adventurers’ camp, in our out-of-the-ordinary campsite.

Day 3
Be filled with wonder at the Parc Animalier des Pyrénées wildlife park

Discovering the animals that live in the mountains, it was your promise made to the children before leaving, and it is at the Parc Animalier des Pyrénées (a wildlife park) that you will keep it; you can visit this genuine mountain zoo 1 hour by road from our out-of-the-ordinary campsite in the Gers. From the European grey wolves to giant otters, all manner of mountain fauna is here, gathered together for your greatest delight.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, wolf, parc animalier des Pyrénées (Pyrenees wildlife park) Gers campsite, Whakalodge, equestrian statue of d\'Artagnan in Lupiac
+ Climbing the Pic du Midi summit

The animal show still in your mind’s eye, you decide to pursue the adventure, by going up the majestic “Pic du Midi”, the highest summit of the Pyrenees, in a cable car. A further opportunity to overcome your vertigo, by joining your children on the famous footbridge, levitating above the sea of clouds, before the most beautiful panoramic view over the Pyrenees. Magic!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Footbridge, Pic du midi (Midi Summit) © Shutterstock
Day 4
Follow in the footsteps of d’Artagnan

It is the chivalrous adventure of d’Artagnan that you will now tell your children, by going to Lupiac where the famous Gascon musketeer was born in 1615. You will discover there one of the oldest Castelnau de Gascogne (so-called “new Gascon castles”) and the Musée d’Artagnan (d’Artagnan museum), which will reveal the entire life of the musketeer.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Musée de d\'Artagnan (d\'Artagnan museum) in Lupiac © Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32 Gers campsite, Whakalodge, equestrian statue of d\'Artagnan in Lupiac
+ Sitting astride the Gers countryside

This equestrian statue of d’Artagnan, on the Place de Lupiac, has given you the idea of aspiring to this out-of-the-ordinary weekend on horseback. And when conjuring it up, the entire tribe has jumped for joy! Go to the Pilgrim Trail Ranch, in Pouylebon, between Mirande and Marciac, for an equestrian hike in the middle of nowhere, on the route to Santiago, or even better on the routes taken by d’Artagnan!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Pilgrim Trail © Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32
Day 5
Make the most of the delights of water by the swimming lake

Nowadays, the family can stay on the 4-star Whaka Lodge campsite in the Gers. Whilst the children go and play on the water slide and the water see-saw on the swimming lake, you decide to go with your loved one, and make the most of the heated swimming pool and its large beach. Basking in the sunshine is good for filling up on vitamin D! After a little snooze, you are woken by the cries of the children. “Mum, Dad come on, we’re going stand-up paddle boarding! ” “Do you want to go love, I haven’t finished topping-up my tan yet…”

canoe-lac-paddle piscine-en-famille
+ Playing on the Raft of the Medusa

As with every Wednesday in the high season, today the big family activity day takes place. Arriving at the beach, you discover a pile of paddles, tubes, rope, pieces of wood… You’ve guessed it. You must construct a raft!!! Given your DIY prowess, provided it doesn’t have to be the Raft of the Medusa! However, your two children have swiftly found a “tutorial” on the Internet, and before you know it, with their guidance, you are in the process of achieving a beautiful craft. Then, when you get on the raft with the entire family to race around the lake, you will rediscover the pleasures of childhood, splashes and laughs guaranteed!!!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, children, games, lake
Day 6
Set off for new adventures, with regret…

The last out-of-the-ordinary evening in the Gers was refreshing, the life of an adventurer is obviously not rest at all. It is with regret but a head full of memories, that you leave your base camp at Whaka Lodge, the most out-of-the-ordinary campsite in Gascony.

This of-the-ordinary weekend has not even left you time to canoe on the lake. You promise the children you can do this next time!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Hitton farm © La Ferme du Hitton Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Hitton farm © La Ferme du Hitton

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