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Experience  Couple Romantique

1, 2, 3…laze around

nuit insolite en amoureux
A romantic weekend
Love bubble
in the middle of nowhere
Gers campsite, Whakalodge, dandelion
Day 1
Going for a romantic trip

Stress ended, giving way to the delights of life! You both needed it, this romantic weekend in the Gers has come just at the right time to find yourselves, and finally take time to share loving times. The mention of this “love bubble” in the middle of nowhere touched you in your heart, at the time you chose your accommodation. What a beautiful promise for a romantic first night.

jungle-dome-bulle Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Bulle d\'amour, interior
Day 2
Put all your energies into lazing around

No, you’re not dreaming! This first night in this “love bubble” has kept all of its promises. Complete unwinding! A completely round cocoon, with a view of the starry sky and luxury bedding by the lake. You simply wish for one thing, you snuggle up to your beloved, so that this moment lasts and lasts. A little as if it were the first time...

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Bulle d\'amour, interior Gers campsite, Whakalodge, a couple in bed
+ Finding each other, no matter where you are

Having got up late, very late, you opted for a lovely brunch on the terrace; a glass of white wine and a few tapas delicacies were enough to delight you. You are both extremely happy after this romantic night, and now that your taste buds are satisfied, you close your eyes, by the heated swimming pool, or on this white sandy beach, and why not over there on the grass in the shade of large trees? The location is of little significance, when this siesta is as a couple!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, a young couple, siesta
Day 3
Taking to the skies, the Gers seen from the sky

The Gers, it’s beautiful from below. However, viewed from the sky? You have followed the advice of the Whaka Lodge team, and there you are having left from the Centre Vélivole d'Auch Occitanie glider club, at the Auch-Gers airport, for a first flight in a glider. The Gascony sky is blue, the day is shaping up to be superb.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover the famous Gers walled towns, including Montréal du Gers, which also is classified as one of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” (the most beautiful villages in France). A walled town of royal origin, founded in 1255 by Alfonse de Poitiers (Count of Poitiers), at the heart of the Armagnac vineyards.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, a woman, glider Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Auch, view from the sky © Shutterstock

When you fly over the square in Fourcès, and its theatrical setting of half-timbered buildings and arches, which has made the reputation of this classified walled town, whilst also being one of the most beautiful villages in France, your pilot will advise you to go and have lunch one day in an atmosphere unique to the Gers. Simple, but excellent, entirely in its original state.

On the return journey, you will fly over the ancient city of Elusa, before a soft landing, your eyes full of lovely images, your head full of great memories! This evening you will flood your Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, glider
Day 4
Travel the palaeontological trail in Sansan

After the glider, cycling. Very shortly after leaving the Whaka Lodge campsite, you go along the Gers river finding yourself in front of the Sansan deposit, a fantastic opportunity to better understand the work of palaeontologists and the animals from a lost world. This romantic weekend in the Gers is also the opportunity to return to the beginnings of your relationship: “Love, stop blasting your horn! ”

paleosite camping-gers-decouverte-paleo
+ Do the Sunday evening market

No question of dining outside this evening, you wish to make the most of your “love bubble”, before your long romantic weekend comes to an end. You wear a big smile when you learn that local producers are coming directly to you for the “Sunday evening market” organised by Whaka Lodge. What a godsend! You will be able to bring back excellent locally grown produce to take home, as well as for your friends. Having flooded them with selfies, they will wish to have proof!

Day 5
Discover the sisters of the Boulaur abbey, stars of the small screen

You had seen them on the TV and YouTube! The sisters of the Abbaye Cistercienne Sainte Marie de Boulaur Cistercian abbey are focused on a project with an insane amount of dynamism. In addition, being sisters they are farmers and produce unpasturized cheese, pâtés and jams. You cannot come to Whaka Lodge without sensing the aroma of this out-of-the-ordinary and humanist location.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Abbaye Sainte Marie de Boulaur abbey, jams © Abbaye de Boulaur Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Abbaye Sainte Marie de Boulaur abbey, rearing © Abbaye de Boulaur

The electric bike battery well charged, you’ve left for 20 kilometres of cycling on the deserted and undulating roads, around Whaka Lodge. A few stops to admire the landcape, and the Boulaur abbay is revealed to you.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Abbaye Sainte Marie de Boulaur abbey © Abbaye de Boulaur
Breathe a blast of pure air

Having entered the abbey, time stops. You feel that you are in another world, suspended between the modern, dynamism and spirituality. Moreover everything happens at its own pace: the visit, exchanges, contemplation. Surprising! Before leaving, you have a tour of the shop, to buy cheese and pâté. This is good, and that allows the sisters to guarantee their survival, and their freedom to continue to make this monastery a welcoming location, open to all. You come out of the Boulaur abbey with a plethora of emotions and a large blast of optimism.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Sainte Marie de Boulaur abbey, sale of produce © Abbaye de Boulaur
Day 6
Leaving your bubble

A last romantic night to contemplate the stars, you have delayed going to sleep as much as possible, before falling into a deep sleep, by the side of your significant other. It is time to leave this “love bubble” and say goodbye to the Gascons who have welcomed you with pleasure, for your romantic weekend in the Gers. Don’t worry, as obviously its only au revoir!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, romantic evening Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Bulle d\'amour, starry view of the sky

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