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Experience Zanzibar!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Zanzibar, lakeside cabin, decoration, African design
A cabin with a Jacuzzi
Unexpected exoticism
in the heart of the Gers
nuit insolite avec jacuzzi privatif
Day 1
You’ve barely got here and it’s time for a photo!

The road enables you to discover the superb slopes of the Gers. Moreover, once through the Whaka Lodge entrance, you stop! Photo! In front of you, there is a superb lake, countryside, the forest, we haven’t lied to you, there are locations both sublimely welcoming and secretly preserved, within the borders of the Gers.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, lake footbridge Gers campsite, Whakalodge, view of the campsite, view over the lake
+ Selfie in the Jacuzzi of the cabin on stilts

No, you’re not dreaming. This cabin by the lake, will be your cocoon for the entire week! Surprise: a décor inspired by the island of Zanzibar, this attention to the smallest detail, this cabin on stilts obviously has an unexpected exoticism. In addition, a cosy nest for lovely romantic nights! And, the icing on the cake, a Jacuzzi sits imposingly on the cabin terrace by the lake. “Quick love, we’ll dive into the Jacuzzi and we’ll post a selfie, our friends will go crazy for this!!! “

location avec spa privatif
Day 2
The rounds of the cuisine

Canoeing on the lake, swims, the swimming pool, cycling, yoga…There it is, on Whaka Lodge, you’re back in shape! Today we’ll do the rounds of the cuisine. Foie Gras de Gascogne (Gascony duck liver fattened with gavage), Jambon de Cochon Noir de Bigorre (cured ham made with pork from pure-bred Gascon Noir de Bigorre pigs), everything can be found on the Seissan market…Moreover on the advice of the Whaka Lodge team, here you are having gone out to meet local producers and stock up on laughs, good humour and gourmet delights.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, lake, canoes village-gers-tourisme
The Gers farmhouse inn, a well-kept secret

They are not in the guidebooks, they are as rare as a precious stone, only the initiated speak of them. You discover a farmhouse inn to be more than a gastronomic stopping place, this is a dive into the authentic Gers with dishes with a lovely smell of the terroir (local area), and the festive atmosphere of the Gers. “No stress, make the most of life.” For sure, the Gers is the destination of delight. Validated!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, geese
+ A champagne evening in the Jacuzzi

The day was long but rich in treasures. Thus to end it in style, time for a champagne Jacuzzi with toasts of Foie Gras de Gascogne, bought on the Seissan market. You close the shutters on the terrace for greater intimacy, whilst maintaining an open view over the lake to admire the Gers countryside. You can stay there for hours…“H’m! How good is this! ”

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, cabins on stilts with a jacuzzi, champagne
Day 3
Go off to explore La Romieu

A walk in one of the loveliest villages in France awaits you in La Romieu, a popular stage on the Camino de Santiago route, but in particular known owing to its Collegiate church, now rated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, La Romieu, Collégiale Saint Pierre collegiate church, Route to Santiago de Compostela © Shutterstock Gers campsite, Whakalodge, La Romieu, Angeline and her cats © Shutterstock

We will certainly tell you about the cat legend, the reason for all the sculptures around the square. A reference to a young orphan who in former times, is thought to have decided to save a couple of cats, whilst all of the others were eaten by the inhabitants then faced with a terrible famine. When prosperity returned, the rats took over and started to eat all the harvests. The young girl decided to set the cats free, who by attacking the rats, saved La Romieu…

And why not take this heritage walk, in one of the 5 other lovely villages in France in the Gers; in Fources, Larresingle, Lavardens, Sarrant or even Montréal.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Village of Lavardens © Shutterstock
Day 4
Doing nothing

It is a lovely programme for doing nothing! You should even do this well!

Do not wake up too early, have an excellent tea, lovingly prepared. Then stay under the duvet, with a good book, the opportunity to reread a Dumas classic, The Three Musketeers, and go back to sleep after a few pages...until hunger wakes you once again. Happiness!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, a women stretched out on her bed, with a book © Rawpixel Gers campsite, Whakalodge, breakfast basket
+ Tapas plancha

The tapas of the “Food and Wine Bar” on Whaka Lodge! In addition, this is served on a superb terrace lounge, which plunges into the lake. All the products of the Gers come from lovingly chosen local producers. Thus this lunchtime, you will hear your stomach which implores you to taste the famous Jambon Noir du Gers, accompanied by a few mini-brochettes (cooked on a skewer), and a home-made tart. And Colette, with good advice, enables you to discover a wine from a small producer, just perfect. “They know how to live on Whaka Lodge! ”

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Wine Bar, board of Gers cooked meats
+ The Zanzibar beach

With nothing pressing you easily resume with a lovely fruit juice, to make the most of the sun’s rays of this end of the afternoon, comfortably settled on the beach by the lake. Slow time! “The water is 27°C love, like in Zanzibar! They are too good on Whaka Lodge! ” “Come on, we’ll make a splash! ”

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, beach
Day 5
Get up in a good mood.

It is crazy how your mood has changed, since you have set foot in Whaka Lodge. Living in a cabin on stilts with a Jacuzzi by the lake, which enchants you a little more every day, and your wife seems just as happy. “Come and look, the fish, they are eating the bread! Take a photo, quiiiiick! ” Every day, there are lovely surprises on Whaka lodge.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Zanzibar, lakeside cabin, bedroom Gers campsite, Whakalodge, lake, duck
Hiking in the Gavarnie cirque

This morning, you are going to the countryside, in all its splendour. With morning stretches, ruck sacks and shoes on your feet, head for the Pyrenees as far as the village of Gavarnie, to take one of the superb hiking paths which will lead you to the Cirque de Gavarnie cirque (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). This is the most spectacular of cirques in the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1,570 metres, an incredible wall of rocks of 1,700 metres high and 14 kilometres in circumference. Breathtaking landscapes, along the route!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge © ATVG
+ Picnicking on the grass

This evening, Whaka Lodge is offering you “Dinner on the grass.” What a lovely idea after this extraordinary day! Everything is here: a table cloth on the grass, staff dressed for the occasion, atmospheric music…You have nothing to do, just sit cross-legged on this large mat made available by the lake, and discover what, each week, Whaka Lodge has prepared in this wicker basket filled with delicious local products!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, picnic with friends
Day 6
Visit Hitton farm, the new television star.

Your wife has given you a superb gift by enabling you to discover your cabin on the water, with a Jacuzzi. Your turn to be surprised. You had discovered the Hitton farm on the television in the programme “La Ferme Préférée des Français” (“The Preferred Farm of the French”) presented by Stéphane Bern. Let’s go for a great exploration!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Hitton farm © La Ferme du Hitton Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Hitton farm © La Ferme du Hitton

Yes, it is a little lost. Others will say, “No, its preserved.” It matters not. In this location in the middle of nowhere, you will watch donkeys moving around, in the natural setting of this ecological farm. At the invitation of Cécile and Emanuel, who travelled the world, before settling in the Gers, you cannot stop yourself from cuddling, tickling and brushing the donkeys. “This is very sweet! ”

Today, you are lucky, you attend the traditional making of soaps and natural cosmetics. “That smells really great! “ A trip to the beauty boutique is necessary to top up on beauty products. Your wife is ecstatic! And the day isn’t yet over.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Hitton farm © La Ferme du Hitton
+ Go all over the Pousterles (staircases and passageways) of Auch, the capital of Gascony.

This end of the sun-drenched afternoon, it is still warm when you go inside the majestic Cathédrale Sainte Marie cathedral. Astounded and refreshed you come out to rush down the 374 steps of the monumental stairs which link the historic episcopal city and the modern city, where you have decided to have a romantic dinner this evening.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Auch, pousterles passageways and staircases © Shutterstock
Finish the week with a flourish

This evening, upon returning to your cabin, you have a major beauty test! Generously you lather yourself in this soap with donkey ingredients, bought this afternoon, sweet and sensual, before ending the evening in the Jacuzzi. “This evening we’ll close the shutters, its private! “ What better way to end this superb romantic stay.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Auch, Statue of D\'Artagnan © Shutterstock
Day 7
You promise to return to the Gers

Waking up was more difficult this morning. With regret, you have been working on packing everything up, fortunately without having to take care of the cleaning, included in your holiday rental. From the other bank of the lake, you once again look at this marvellous cabin on stilts which has given you so much pleasure, and you promise to return very quickly, as obviously you have loved this unexpected exoticism at the heart of the Gers.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, out-of-the-ordinary holiday rental, Zanzibar, lakeside cabin, bedroom, decoration, African impression

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