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SARL Camping Domaine Lacs de Gascogne (a French limited liability company) with a share capital de €5,000, the head office of which is:

Camping Whaka Lodge / Domaine Lacs de Gascogne
Lieu-dit Labarthete
32260 Seissan
SIRET (Directory of Establishments Identification System) No: 810 205 542 00014
APE Code (activity sector): 5530 Z
French VAT number: FR 47 81 02 05 542
Tel.: +33 (0)5 62 66 27 94
Website address:
Director of Publication: Mr Patrick Goas

Design and Production

Interaview Production
82, avenue du Général Patton, 49000 Angers
Website address:


The company Gandi SAS (French simplified joint stock company), with a share capital of €800,000, registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris (Paris Trade and Companies Register), under number 423 093 456, whose head office is situated at 63-65 Boulevard Masséna – 75013 Paris France, telephone +33 (0)1 70 37 76 61, guarantees the hosting of the site

Respect for privacy


This relates to the privacy policy adopted by the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE. You have a right of access, alteration, correction and removal of your data (article 34 of the French Law “Informatique et Libertés” no. 78-17 of 16th January 1978 (the French Law on data protection). To exercise this right, contact us by e-mail at: By “Personal Information”, we mean information enabling the identification of an individual. This is most frequently a name, an address, a telephone number or an e-mail address.


The company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE may have to use the system of “cookies”. The cookie does not enable us to identify you, but essentially to collect information during your visit to our site. This enables us to know the sections of our website that are of interest to you. Thus the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE will be able to better understand those areas that interest you, and communicate information adapted to your needs to you, as and when appropriate. These “cookies” also avoid you having to supply information that you have already communicated to us each time, to the extent that the cookies “remember” that you have communicated this information to us on a previous occasion. It is possible to detect the existence of these “cookies” and, where applicable to delete them. It is possible for you to object to the registration of cookies by deactivating this function of your browser in its browser preferences.


The messages that you supply via the Internet can be intercepted on the network. Until they reach us, their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Ensure that you do not divulge personal or confidential information of no material use, sensitive or coming from a third party. In addition, the indication of the source of the electronic messages, which we receive, may be falsified. Consequently, if you wish to communicate such information to us, it is is imperative that you use the post. As a consequence, no complaint, statement or request sent via an Internet message will be taken into account. Please make your requests exclusively through the post. To obtain further information on the procedures to follow or on matters in progress, please make contact with the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE in writing.

Compliance with Copyright


The use of any document coming from the site of the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE is only permitted for information purposes for your private use. Use for all other purposes is expressly prohibited. The company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE strives to ensure as far as possible, the accuracy and the updating of information disseminated on this site, for which it reserves the right to correct, at any time and without warning, the content. Also, it alerts site visitors that it is up to them to check information by other means, including by contacting the company. As a consequence, the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE refuses to accept all liability: 1) for any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omission relating to information available on the site; 2) for all damage or injury resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party having caused the alteration of information available on the site; and 3) more generally for all damage or injury, whether direct or indirect, whatever the causes, sources, nature or consequences, caused by reason of access by anyone to the site or the impossibility of accessing the site, as well as the use of the site and/or credit given to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter. Moreover, unless otherwise stated, intellectual property rights in the documents contained within the site and each of the elements created for this are the sole and exclusive property of the company CAMPING WHAKA LODGE / DOMAINE LACS DE GASCOGNE or its suppliers, all such bodies granting no licence or right, other than that of consulting the site. The reproduction of all documents published on the site is only permitted exclusively for the purpose of providing information for personal and private use. All reproduction and all use of copies produced for all other purposes is expressly prohibited. All brands quoted on the site belong exclusively to their respective companies. All products, logos, and images quoted on the pages of this site are the property of their respective brand. Photographs reproducing our products and services do not constitute a binding contract.

Information of a Technical Nature

This site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of instances of force majeure, I.T. difficulties, difficulties linked to the structure of communication networks or difficulties of a technical nature. For maintenance reasons, we are able to interrupt access to the site at any time.

Application of French Law

Non-compliance with the provisions above exposes persons in contravention to civil proceedings and/or criminal penalties under French law. This document is governed and interpreted according to French law and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. If one of the provisions of this document proves to be void, invalid or of no legal effect, all of the other provisions would remain applicable.