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A region to discover from our Seissan campsite

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The lakes of Gascony

Walking in the middle of nowhere

A holiday in the Gers, and still further the Pyrenees, is the opportunity to hike in wonderful landscapes, sometimes breathtaking…

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, trails, landscapes of the Gers © Shutterstock

The Gascony markets

Meet incredible people

The markets are a superb opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the Gers, and to meet its inhabitants. A must-see if you enjoy laughs and people in good humour.

Gers campsite Whakalodge, Condom, Market in front of the Cathedral, statue of d\'Artagnan © Shutterstock
The right address
Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Restaurant Le Bouche à oreille restaurant
The “Le Bouche à Oreille” inn

A very typical restaurant in Simorre, which solely cooks produce from local producers. It is timeless, an immersion in the Gers, a cheerful location, with a liking for the good things in life!

Celebrations and festivals in the Gers

Feast like a Gascon

The Gers inhabitant is a cheerful Gascon, who does not miss a chance to celebrate and cultivate their mind. In the Gers, the village celebrations are expected and the festivals merry.

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, 15th Festival Tempo Latino de Vic-Fezensac (Tempo Latino Festival of Vic-Fezensac) © Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32/Barthe Pierre
Gers campsite, Whakalodge, 31st Festival of Jazz in Marciac: Orlando Maraca Valle concert in the amphitheatre © Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32/Barthe Pierre
  • The major gatherings
  • CIRCA circus festival (October)
  • Jazz in Marciac (August)
  • Welcome in Tzigannie (April)
  • Féria in Vic (Pentecost)
  • Tempo Latino (July)
  • Rock’n’Roll Festival (July)
  • Car Races (Easter)
  • Festival de la BD focused on cartoons (August)
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Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Balnéa Thermal Spa Bath, Japanese baths © Vent d\'Autan, Ch. Boutet
The Balnéa thermal spa

For a well-being experience as a family, the Balnéa thermal spa in Loudenvielle (in the Pyrenees) is worth the detour. Roman, Japanese, Inca, Amerindian or Maya baths, this thermo-recreational centre offers you various spa experiences, perfect to recharge your batteries.

Major sites of Occitanie

Filled with wonder at the things accomplished

The builders of the Auch cathedral, the aeronautical engineers at the Cité de l’Espace science theme park, the Gallo-Roman decorators of the villa de Seviac remains, the faithful believers at Lourdes, you are sometimes dumbfounded by the work accomplished by us as humans!

Gers campsite, Whakalodge, Auch, Statue of D\'Artagnan © Alain Lauga, Shutterstock
  • Marvels in Occitanie…
  • The Cathédrale in Auch and its pousterles
  • The Cistercian Abbaye complex in Flaran, and the “Simonov” collection
  • The Abbaye de Boulaur abbey and its sisters 2.0
  • The mosaics of the Gallo-Roman villa in Séviac
  • Toulouse, “The Pink City” with the Cité de l’Espace and the Place du Capitole
  • The distinctive atmosphere of Lourdes

Fauna in Occitanie

Rubbing shoulders with the animal world

A trip to Occitanie, is also the opportunity to face rural life, and rediscover the animal kingdom, on a farm, in the heart of nature, in a wildlife park.

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